Critical website metrics in a single dashboard.

Get clarity on your website’s performance and make sound decisions for improvement—based on real data.

Clicks KPI Sample Report

You should know your numbers at all times.

But most business owners don’t. Most business owners operate on a gut feel–conducting wasted work and not truly knowing where to concentrate efforts.

KPIs (key performance indicators) remove the guesswork and display factual results of exactly how your business is performing.

The challenge, however, is accessing and understanding this type of information.

Here’s why:

Knowing your KPIs is critical to your bottom line.

Like most business owners and entrepreneurs, beyond understanding overhead and revenue, you probably don’t have a clear understanding of how your website is performing.

A common thought is that if your website is helping your business generate revenue, then it’s doing its job.

There’s some truth to that, however, that approach may be leaving money on the table.

Understanding your KPIs places the spotlight on your website’s successes, but most importantly, it helps you identify areas that need improvement. Improvements could have a significant positive impact on your revenue and profitability.

Your most important metrics in one report!

Yes, just one report, in the form of a dashboard–showing your most important numbers, and their associated trends.

No accessing multiple services and guessing what’s most important to your business.

At any time, you can access these key metrics and even filter based on historical numbers to better understand trends.

Clicks KPI has you covered

Instead of wasting time or assigning others to gather your reporting data, use Clicks KPI and never think twice about your numbers again!

Clicks KPI takes care of:

This allows you to:

Instead of ignoring critical website metrics because they’re too complicated to access, we take your most important website metrics and consolidate them into a single, easy to understand and access dashboard report that’s always up-to-date.

Here’s what our base dashboards include

Overview of traffic and sessions (visitors). Gain a detailed understanding of how many people come to your website, how long they stay on your site, how many pages they view, and more.
Conversion tracking. Learn exactly how your visitors are taking action on your website.
Audience discovery. Get details on your visitors, such as age, gender, location, and even the devices (computer, mobile, tablet) they use.
Acquisition and behavior. Know where your visitors are coming form (Google search, referral links, etc.) and what your most popular content is on your website.
Google Search. Discover how many clicks you get directly from Google’s search engine, and what people are searching for in order to find your website in Google’s search results.

One Simple Plan


A KPI dashboard for your website
Metrics from Google Analytics and Search Console
Access to our knowledge base and resources
Speedy online support

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What services does Clicks KPI integrate with?
We currently integrate with:
– Google Analytics
– Google Search Console

In the future, we have plans to integrate with:
– Google My Business
– Google Sheets
– Major email marketing platforms
– Major social media platforms

Who is this service for?
This service is for anyone that has a website who relies or hopes to rely on their website to produce a result such as leads, sales, views, interest, etc.

Just about all business owners fall into this category.

How does the setup process work?
At a high level:
1. We tap into your current Google Analytics and Google Search Console data and connect it to our Clicks KPI Performance Dashboard, which is built on Google Data Studios.
2. You get access to this data in the form of a consolidated dashboard that you can access from your Clicks KPI account.
Do you offer a trial?
We do not have a trial because setting up each dashboard requires manual work.
How many websites can we track?
The $97 fee is for a single website. However, we do offer the ability to add additional sites at a discounted price.