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Clicks KPI Knowledge Base

Page last updated: December 2020

This page breaks down each data point of the basic dashboard.

General Dashboard Notes

    Date Range – by default, the dashboard is based on a 30-day rolling calendar.


Traffic Summary

    Sessions – are the total number of visits to your site, including repeat visits from the same visitor. A new session is counted after 29:30 of time passing between actions on the site. Learn more about sessions here.

    Bounce Rate – is the percentage of people who leave your site without clicking links or going to other pages. They visit one page, then leave. If your site is a blog, it’s common to have a bounce rate of 70 to 80 percent. Traffic from social media sources tends to have higher bounce rates since users are more likely in a mood to browse only. Learn more about Bounce Rates here.

    Page Views refers to an instance of a page being loaded (or reloaded) in a browser. Page Views is a metric defined as the total number of pages viewed. Learn more about page views here.

    Session Duration refers to the average time in minutes that visitors spend on your site. If you’ve created a lot of content, you want people to stick around to view it. Learn more about session duration here.

    Pages / Session refers to the number of pages that are viewed per session..

    Average Page Load Time refers to the average amount of time it takes for pages to load when users got to a page. The time that it takes to redirect pages is included in this formula. Learn more about site speed here


Goals & Events

    Goals are the measurement of users taking specific actions on your website. Goals must be setup in your Google Analytics account in order to produce a result. Learn more about goals here.

    ▸ Goal Conversion Rate – the conversion rate is the rate at which users view your website (sessions) compared to taking specific actions (goals).

    ▸ Goal Completions – this measurement simply tracks the number of goals completed within a specific time frame.

    Events enable you to track additional types of engagement such as button clicks, purchases, when products are added to carts, when users optin to your email list, etc. Setting up these metrics requires custom configuration. Learn more about events here.


The information in this section can be used to understand who is viewing your website and learn if you are truly reaching your target audience or not.

Learn where your audience is located, which devices they use to view your site and even the most common age ranges of your audience.

This page is under development. Expect more content to be updated here often.