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Upgrade Your Dashboard

Currently, the following upgrades are available for purchase:

Add additional websites to your dashboard

+1 website ⇾ $50/one time charge ⇾ ORDER
+2 websites ⇾ $75/one time charge ⇾ ORDER
+3 websites ⇾ $95/one time charge ⇾ ORDER


How does adding additional websites work with my current dashboard?
We’ll add additional pages to your current dashboard. So, when you access your dashboard, you’ll be able to click to access the dashboards of your other website(s). It’s that easy.
What happens after I pay?
The process will be the same as your initial dashboard setup. You’ll need to give us access to your other website’s Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts. We’ll use this data to build your new dashboard(s). Actual steps and sequences will be provided via email after ordering an upgrade.
Does my annual fee increase if I add additional websites?
No, your annual fee will not change. Your annual fee covers any websites you add after your initial website. Your annual fee will not change as a result of adding additional websites.
Can I add more than 3 additional websites?
You can, contact support and share how many websites you’d like to add and we’ll provide a custom price for you.